About EMI

At ElectroMagnetic Investigations (EMI), we want to be your choice for an EMC laboratory in Hillsboro, OR and across the U.S. We provide a wide range of EMC compliance testing services at competitive prices, and it’s our goal to not only help you meet EMC standards and regulatory guidelines, but to assist throughout the entire EMC compliance process. The EMC laboratory at Electromagnetic Investigations doesn’t just provide pass/fail results to our clients. We remain committed to working with you to find the best compliance solution needed for your individual needs.

Long-term relationships with our clients

EMI establishes lasting relationships with clients both locally, nationally and internationally. Our EMC engineers at ElectroMagnetic Investigations possess experience and a skill set spanning over four decades in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, including participation in the development of EMC test standards and the creation of the EMC regulations used in the industry today. Our years of practical experience within the EMC field has provided us with a wide-ranging network that includes regulatory authorities and inter-industry agencies.

Passion for Technology and Practical Solutions

The team at ElectroMagnetic Investigations has a passion for working with technology and for discovering practical solutions to achieve product EMC compliance. Because the standards for EMC compliance continue to evolve, you need an EMC laboratory capable of meeting new challenges and developments. Our passion for what we do helps ensure that ElectroMagnetic Investigations has the ability to meet challenges that arise during the compliance process.

ElectroMagnetic Investigations provides our clients with accurate measurements and results. To provide accurate results, our testing sites utilize accredited facilities, processes and procedures that meet the requirements of the current standards. ElectroMagnetic Investigations utilizes ETS-Lindgren TILE! EMC software which has allowed excellent EMC equipment flexibility and data reporting.

If you’re looking for an EMC laboratory that offers outstanding customer service and industry leading knowledge and experience, contact ElectroMagnetic Investigations today at 503-466-1160 or fill out a RFQ online!